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Twisting Puzzles (Cube)

SKU: GB-012
High-quality materials-3D Infinite Star Cube is made of high-quality ABS material, which is durable3D Cube Style-Amazing cubes are much better than traditional puzzle cubes. The colours of the stickers are great and will bring wonderful visual enjoymentEnhance memory and manage stressGeometric cubes..
SKU: GB-018
Edge turning puzzleIntricate rotary combinationsBold coloursTraditional pyraminx designProper headbangerCan you solve it?..
SKU: GB-017
Authentic puzzle gameEffectively improve your child's concentration, responsiveness, memory, and logical thinking skillsDevelop your child's patience and feel a sense of accomplishment after solving the problem and increase your self-confidenceNot only for children but also great for adults to relie..
SKU: GB-016
Intricate smooth twisting and turning cube3x3 speed cube mechanismAnti-pop design on edges Help sheet includedAges 6 and up Comes in brushed gold or silver..
SKU: GB-015
Speedcube mechcanism which makes the turning compliant and smoothAnti-pop design on edgesUnique mirror designHandheld and portableEnhances focus and memorySuitable for children and adults..
SKU: GB-014
The world's best-selling puzzleSuitable for children and adultsPerfect for improving hand-eye co-ordination in younger childrenSmoother and faster mechanical design, unique turning and twisting actionChoking hazard, not suitable for small childrenSpecifications:Material: PlasticLength: 5.7cm / 2.24i..
SKU: GB-011
Super fast turning and easy twist cube toy that moves easily without sticking like the original designSpring design, adjustable tightness and non-popping structure, the magic puzzle cube, is flexible, sturdy and durable, featuring both fluid movement and stabilityMagic Cube is good to improve logica..
SKU: GB-010
This is a classic puzzle cube that allows children to return to tradition, play to learn and learn to play, stay away from electronic productsEffectively improve your child's concentration, responsiveness, memory, and logical thinking skillsDevelop your child's patience and feel a sense of accomplis..
SKU: GB-009
Magic cube which improves mental development and problem-solving skillsPerfect for filling shelf spaceRecyclable and environmentally friendlyBox packaging with a how-to guide includedSpecifications:Material: ABS Plastic..
SKU: GB-008
3D puzzle cubeImproves problem-solving skillsRotary mechanical structureBeginner friendlyInstruction sheet includedSpecifications:Material: ABS Plastic..
SKU: GB-007
The shape is a regular tetrahedron (4 faces), it has almost 1 million different positions but only 1 solution!Almost all the possible positions can be 'solved' with just 10 movesA good starter puzzle, and needs a different approach from the cube-type puzzlesWell-designed with smooth twist actionHelp..
SKU: GB-006
Create the different shapes shown on the help sheet or let your imagination run wild and devise your ownThe Magic snake can be bent into many different shapes including a ball, a camel, a rectangle, a snake, a trojan horse, a lollipop and a scorpionFast and smooth turning, each piece can be rotated ..
SKU: GB-005
Dodecahedron shapeFor seasoned puzzle enthusiastsEnhances memory and hand-eye coordinationComes box packaged, ready for retailAges 6 and up..
SKU: GB-004
Rolling 3D puzzle12 coloured holes11 coloured ballsFrosted surfaceABS materialStimulates imagination and creativity..
SKU: GB-003
3D sticker-less puzzleAges 6 and up Help sheet includedEducational toy that improves problem-solving skillsEach face has a unique colourTough challenge for all ages ..
SKU: GB-002
3-D sticker less intermediate-level puzzle aimed at ages 6 and upwardsIntricate rotary design challenging for all agesNever goes out of styleTimeless funEducationalBox packaged with a how-to guide included..
SKU: GB-001
Transforming geometric puzzle2 puzzles in one packagePremium quality materialThe 3D infinity star cube is made from premium quality ABS material which is durableWithstands high temperatures and is waterproofSuitable for kids and adults..
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