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Magic Cube



"The Amazing Magic Cube" is a transforming geometric brain teaser puzzle that is a blast to behold, as it perpetually transforms from one cube to another. Your brain will be buzzing as you try to figure out if it's one cube or two One Star or two And will you be able to figure out what's hidden inside This simple geometric cube is an unusually addictive brain teaser that can be a stress-relieving novelty for adults or an engaging educational toy for kids! Each cube has 24 square faces, one with 6 colors and the second with 12, while each star has 48 triangle faces. Just watch as the colorful square and triangle sections transform from one shape to the next, eventually transforming into a star cube. How many shapes can you find "The Amazing Magic Cube" also makes a great fidget toy which can easily be carried when converted into its flattest form. Perfect for children and adults alike who need to fiddle and create. Perfect for those who've discovered that fidgeting increases concentration while reducing stress and anxiety. Ideal therapeutic toy for kids with sensory processing delays. An engaging puzzle cube that aids in the development of fine motor skills in little hands! Recommended for ages 8+.

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