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Samsung J7 2018 Genuine Leather Wallet





Product Features:

Genuine Leather:
Yes really! We manufacture our own wallet cases so we know what materials are used. Our genuine leather wallets are made of the finest leather. This gives them a lovely premium look. Also, it makes the case longer lasting as unlike PU and other phone materials genuine leather never peels away. This makes for a long lasting and good looking case.

Specific cut outs:
Having specific cut outs makes using the case a seamless experience. You will never have to worry about taking the phone out the case for a charge or photo. You can leave the case on all the time no matter what you're doing. This means your phone is protected all the time.

A Gel Base:
Having a gel base means that the case can offer maximum protection and longevity. This is because the gel is unbreakable. Whenever you drop your phone the inside of the case will never break. This means the case will last longer than those with a plastic interior. Also with it being a gel it will withstand drops better than plastic which generally tends to let shock travel through the case and into your phone which could potentially damage or even break your phone. The gel interior gives you that extra bit of protection you never knew you needed.

Free standing:
Our Genuine leather wallet cases all have the ability to free stand. This means when even you are watching something you don't necessarily need to hold your mobile phone. This little feature just gives the case an extra dimension of ease. Here at My Ameego we aim to "make your life easy" with our products.

A square magnetic buckle:
Having a magnetic buckle means that the case will stay shut once closed. This adds an extra bit of protection with the case because it ensures the screen is hardly exposed.

Front facing speaker case cut out:
Not all wallet cases have this very small yet useful feature. The front facing speaker cut out just means that when ever you get a phone call you can answer the phone, close the case and still be able to speak because the cut outs will allow the sound to travel through. This means even whilst speaking on the phone our cases can be closed and your phone would have that 360 degrees protection. Most people do tend to drop their phone whilst speaking on it so this feature just reduces that risk significantly.

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