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USBC Cables 1/2/3 Metres





Product Features:

Available in three lengths:
Whether you are in need of just a standard cable just to charge your phone or a longer one so that you can move freely when putting your phone on charge. At Ameego we supply three cable lengths so that you can choose what's best for you.

Available in multiple colours:
A colour for everyone. Find your favourite colour and make your charging experience a colourful one. Why not match the cable to the Ameego plugs. Maybe that's what we intended for. Try it and find out ;)

High quality Material: 
At Ameego we make our own cables so this means we can ensure the best materials are used in our products. We want to make sure they have a premium feel. They are Strong and flexible so that you can rely on our cables for the long term. 

Long Lasting: 
You ever got a cable and it stops working after a week sometimes slightly quicker too. well here at Ameego we test our products through stringent quality control procedures so that when we send out our products to our customers we know it will last for the long term. No more messing about with continues replacements.


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