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5 Dec 2019

By Mohammad 06/12/2019 I stand corrected and humbled. My claim that the iPhone 11 will be a “clone” of the iPhone X and XS was both premature and rash. Apple has pulled it out of the bag. There has been changes and so many steps in the right direction. This year the iPhone is back and better than ever.

What's new?

Well, there are three models. Like I previously said all the same sizes as last year. The three models are named, the iPhone 11 (6.1”), iPhone 11 Pro (5.8”) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5”).

Although the sizes are the same as last year and from the front the phones do similar, the comparisons from previous models end there.

The models 

The iPhone 11 was introduced as the main flagship phone from Apple for 2019. Funnily enough its the budget version of the new iPhones this year. Apple learned a lot of lessons from the iPhone XR and one of them is that not everyone is bothered about the high-end top of the range phones rather people want great phones at more affordable prices. Its no wonder the iPhone XR sold better than the iPhone XS. With this in mind, Apple has made the iPhone 11 the flagship phone for apple this year stating that at one point last year the iPhone XR was the most popular phone in the world.

What Apple has done with the iPhone 11 is very refreshing to see. They've made it look and perform like a premium top of the range smartphone and they have ensured it has everything necessary for the average consumer. No wonder it's proving to be so popular. As well as giving the iPhone 11 a premium look Apple have introduced it into the market £70 cheaper than last year. Apple states that the iPhone 11's battery lasts one hour longer than the XR which previously had the best battery life ever on an iPhone. The only downsides are that the base modes start at 64GB and the iPhone 11 doesn't come with a fast charger in the box. Seriously Apple, it's 2019!

Then we have the iPhone 11 pro models which I will be focusing on today. Again from the front, they look the same as the previous two models. But again that's when the comparisons end. For those who simply don't understand the technology in phones and say “Its the same as last year” I say you better get reading because I can list a whole bunch of upgrades, the iPhone 11 pro has from the iPhone XS.


For starters, let's state the obvious. It has a triple-lens camera. One telephoto lens, one 2x optical zoom and one wide-angle camera. All cameras come at 12MP. Then there is the selfie camera. Finally, it has had an increase in megapixels. The selfie camera is at 12MP as well. Let's not forget about night mode. Apple has finally included night mode photography. It's crazy to see how well it performs in low light situations. Apple's first iteration is already one of the best in the market.

To be fair the budget iPhone 11 does have a double camera with all the same capabilities except a wide telephoto lens.


Every year Apple makes up a new buzz word which gets people confused yet it gets people talking. When they released the iPhone X they called their chip the A11 bionic and now every chip is bionic. We are now on A13 Bionic with the iPhone 11 models. Sounds super robotic and exaggerated. Well, the word introduced to us this year is “slofies”. Yes “slofies”. Makes me laugh really. What is a “slofie” you may ask… well, it is basically a slow-motion selfie. The name makes sense now right? This feature is available on all iPhone 11 models and to be quite frank I think it will be forgotten about very soon. To be fair it is an extra feature and making new phones feature-rich makes things fun and interesting for the consumer.


That's all things camera out the way now lets talk about video. The iPhone pro has the capabilities to shoot videos in 4K 60FPS. That's crazy for a smartphone. Although this feature is available on the iPhone 11 too I think it just looks better on the iPhone 11 pro displays. This is because the iPhone 11 only uses an LCD display with a resolution of 828 x 1792 pixels. That's right you can only watch videos up to 720p. For those who don't understand what this means let me explain. Videos you are watching won't even be full HD quality and for a 2019 flagship phone, that's bad. I guess we can all see where apple is cutting costs and that's with the display.


Remember when I was saying Apple uses fancy names for everything well they have called the iPhone 11 LCD the liquid retina display. Just Apple's way of saying LCD I guess. On the other side, Apple has continued the industry trend with the iPhone 11 Pro models. They both use OLED displays. High-quality screens with a pixel density of 1242×2688 pixels Basically your phone screen will look a lot better and crisp. Apple calls this display the super retina XDR display. Again just Apple's fancy way of saying OLED. So all in all this means your video playback will be so much better on the 11 pro models it's not even close. To be fair to Apple they have done a great job with the iPhone 11 display. I mean for the average phone user the display is great, vibrant and of good quality, but for someone who knows a bit or two about phones the iPhone 11 pro will stand out to be the much better display.

The brightness of the OLED is another upgrade not everyone is aware of. Your iPhone screen can go brighter than before and it's even visible when the sun hits. It can get to 1200 nits. I’ve bet you've all had the times when you're in the sun and your phone just goes super dark and you can barely see a thing. For phone 11 pro users this is a thing of the past. The display brightness is such a neat upgrade but like I said not everyone will know about it.


In a previous paragraph, I mention how the iPhone 11 adds one hour of battery life onto the existing iPhone XR battery. But the iPhone 11 adds 4 hours onto the iPhone XS battery and the iPhone 11 pro max has 5 extra hours on top of the XS max. That's crazy! Apple still hasn't provided the official mah of all batteries but various tech You-tubers have put it through the test against the best phones on the market. I've seen the iPhone 11 pro max destroy the Samsung Note 10 plus in a battery life test. Hear that android users! Jokes aside the battery upgrades are incredible and I'm very much so looking forward to personally testing it out myself. 

Face ID

All iPhone 11 phones use the third generation of face ID. Apple's security authentication system to allow access to your device. Or a simple passcode (whatever floats your boat I guess). The third generation of face ID makes unlocking your phone that much easier than before. You can now unlock your phone from wider angles. I've got an iPhone X and with some angles, it just struggles to scan my face to unlock my phone. So the third generation addresses this. This just makes the user experience that much better as the phone will be faster and easier to unlock. Yes, the unlocking speed has increased by 30% so any users upgrading from the iPhone X, XS and XR will certainly feel a difference.

Fast charging 

Oh yeah, another piece of good news. The iPhone11 pro comes with the 12watt fast charger in the box. Apple says you can get from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes. That's how it should have been all along but it is a step in the right direction. I guess Tim cook was listening to us iPhone users all along. 

Screen Repairs 

Apple also has a new way to warn consumers if their phone screen repair is non-genuine it will show up in the setting app as a message. Some people are saying this is Apple's way of eliminating competition for repairs and in some ways they are correct. But Apple is protecting its consumers. People get their phones repaired with cheap screen copies all the time and it just makes the phone problems worse. So all in all this is a very useful software feature. 


The durability of the new iPhone is also a good talking point. Apple has stated its the most durable glass on a smartphone ever. With gorilla glass on the front and the single-layer matte glass on the back, the iPhone 11 pro series is more durable than ever before and this isn't even including the ip68 rating it's received for water resistance. The Apple iPhone 11 pro can be submerged into 4m of water for over 30 mins. That's crazy especially considering that the standard testing for ip68 ratings is only 2m for 30 minutes. That makes the phone one of the best, if not the best waterproof phone on the market. Both these features including the stainless steel design make the Apple iPhone 11pro the most durable iPhone to date.


Apple has really pulled it out the bag this year. I can safely say that the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and the iPhone 11 pro max are the most exciting phones we've seen in a very long time and they are the perfect release in an industry which is in transition. Apples 2019 iPhones give them a great platform to build off. The future is definitely bright and the next decade of iPhones is certainly going to blow us away. 

Now the countdown for the iPhone 12 begins. No bezels, USB-C charging,5G connections and a whole redesign. Count me in!